A Little About Me

Hey there! I’m Lauren.


Most days you can find me around DC teaching voice lessons and singing. I am mostly known for my sense of humor and my fun personality. I love serving the world by sharing my love of music with others, whether that’s in a performance or teaching setting. I teach many adults that are falling in love with making music but are struggling to figure out the mechanics of it. I am lucky to teach them how to sing healthily and have fun doing it! I also sing for weddings and events for people who are looking to add the special touch of a live singer to their event.


As a professional opera singer, I’ve been a featured singer at the Kennedy Center and at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. I enjoy singing lyric mezzo opera arias, which often include pants roles! It’s never a dull moment when you get to portray a 15 y/o boy. I’m really fascinated by the process of premiering new works as well, and love collaborating with living composers to bring their newest works to the stage


When I’m not singing and teaching, you’ll probably find me listening to podcasts, doing yoga or finding new coffee shops to read in. I have celiac disease, so I’m always trying out new gluten free restaurants and bakeries around town. I love to travel and get away with my favorite exploration buddy, my boyfriend Omar. Our next stop is Mexico!


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me


  1. Oceans and Mountains are my jam

  2. I don’t have a dog YET but dream of the day I can have puppy snuggles all the time

  3. My favorite non-coffee related drink is Matcha. YUMMMM

  4. I'm an extreme extrovert! 

  5. Current fav shows include HTGAWM, GOT, and obvi Westworld  

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