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Monday Mailings #1: Life Update

Where do I begin?!

I suppose just a general update is in order for my FIRST Monday blog post. I turned 26 last Thursday, and I really do want to write more. I feel like one post a week is an achievable goal that will still push me, so that’s where we’re at! Look for my blog posts every Monday!

Last summer began talks of moving to a different city. I LOVE Baltimore and actually really enjoyed my three years in the city. My wanderlust was going crazy though! Which can be noted by how many trips we took over the last year. DC was the obvious choice, since my voice teacher lived here, Peter lived nearby and Omar already worked in the city. Then the final puzzle piece came in when Emily agreed to move to DC with me--- I was ecstatic! I really wanted to turn a new leaf with the move. I had previously been serving at a couple restaurants in Baltimore. I met a lot of cool people, learned how to sell a 300 dollar bottle of wine, and generally worked my butt off. I thought that if I could just work at night I would have a lot more energy and time during the day to practice, but that was just not the case for me. I was dealing with some health issues as well and by August I had been diagnosed with Celiac disease and said goodbye to gluten forever! More on that later.

Emily and I searched long and hard for an apartment, but we ended up getting the second one we toured (classic), and Omar managed to find an apartment in the same neighborhood. S/O to Hill East! It is a totally underrated part of the city. A Trader Joe’s opened in the neighborhood the day I moved in! I am a 10 minute walk from the metro, and a 15 min walk from my Doctor, Dentist, CVS, and library. What more could a lady want?! BLESSED.

Right before the move I snagged two more teaching jobs, one at M Institute for the Arts in Georgetown, and the other at Heartbeats Music and Dance in Springfield, VA. I also continue to teach at Cardon Studios in Petworth. Teaching has been a learning process for sure. I can’t believe I have 40+ students any given week. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to grow in this way. The learning curve is high when you have students anywhere from 5 years old to 65! They keep me on my toes and usually have me doubled over in laughter. I was also hired on to be the Assistant to the Executive Director at DC Concert Orchestra Society. They were a recipient of the Seiler Grant which actually funded my position. The group was started by my boss, Bob Myers as a grassroots chamber music group, which an orchestra then grew out of. Now we have three groups-Classical Musicians of Metro DC, DC Chamber Musicians, and DC Concert Orchestra. This is my first time at the arts admin rodeo and holy cow, I had no idea how much work it is to make a musical group tick. Definitely some new appreciation for all the Arts Administrators out there. Keep the good times rolling!

I continue to study with Jennifer Casey Cabot, who you can check out HERE. If you are looking for a teacher in the DMV area, I would highly recommend her!

As far as performing goes, once I got settled in here I started doing more auditioning. Always in a state of waiting for news, but I may have some soon!

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More next Monday! Cheers Friends!