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Monday Mailings #4: First Professional Gig in DC!

Good news!!! I have been invited to perform as part of a singing exhibit at The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in DC! My first professional gig here! The Project is “Sonic Blossom.” It was created by Lee Mingwei. The project revolves around Schubert Art song and creating a connection with a stranger through this music. The Artist was inspired to create this work by fond memories with his mother, and receiving great comfort from these songs while she was sick. The three art songs that I will be singing are An den Mond (To the Moon), Nacht und Träume(Night and Dreams), and Du bist di Ruh( You are rest). I will be walking around in costume asking “May I give you a gift?” to museum goers. If they accept, I will sing one of the Schubert art songs that I have prepared for that person. It sounds like it will be a very intimate and powerful experience for both me and the person that I sing to! It’s a bit out of my comfort zone as a performer to walk up to someone like that in broad daylight and start singing. I am seriously looking forward to the challenge and growing as not only a singer but as an artist.

The Exhibit has already been performed at New York City, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston, The Museum of Fine Arts and Tokyo, The Mori Museum of Art. Here is a video on the project from another performance in Australia.

On Friday I went to Tonal Park in Takoma Park to record with the accompanist, since there will not be a live accompaniment for the performances--we will be singing to a track. We were primarily recording the accompaniment. The voice part was only being recorded

so that we could get the most accurate portrayal of how I would sing if there was a live accompaniment, but it was still cool! It was my first time ever in a recording studio! The crew there was so chill yet super professional at the same time. It was my first time doing a professional recording but it definitely won’t be my last! I couldn’t believe the kind of magic that they can make happen as far as separating tracks, editing, and splicing things together.

The exhibit will be running all through April, Thursdays-Sundays 12-4 PM. Myself and eleven others will be part of it so I do not have the specific dates of my sessions yet, but I am thrilled to be a part of this unique project!