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What is Using Class Pass in DC Like?

The move to DC left a looming question-where would I work out?? In Baltimore I had belonged to Planet Fitness which was amazing. It was a twenty minute walk, and TEN dollars a month, with a $40 yearly fee. It's a bare bones gym but it got the job done! Unfortunately the nearest one here is too far away for it to be feasible to go a couple times a week.

I did some research after moving here and I really couldn't believe how expensive the gyms are. The only semi-affordable one is Golds by Federal SW. I calculated that even going there three/four times a week would be almost $80 in metro fees. The closer option would be joining the Sport and Health Gym in Captiol Hill. They don't put prices on their website but from reading other articles about it, it looks like they hit you with a $150-200 startup fee and then its about,- $100 a month with a year commitment. Of course in DC Boutique fitness is now reigning Queen. Who doesn't love working out with only a handful of other people. Belonging to one of these studios will cost you kindly though(150-200/mo)--if they even have a monthly membership at all! Many, like Soul Cycle, Barre 3, and Pure Barre to name a few, have shifted to the pay per class model. Most are around $30 a class! *JAW DROP* All of these options looked pretty grim to me-a baller on a budget.

Class Pass is a fitness membership that allows you to access many of these boutique studios for about a third of the price. There are three different tiers and the prices vary from city to city. In DC $35(2 to 4 classes), $55(4-6 Classes), $105 (8-12 Classes). The reason it can be a different number of classes is because at the beginning of your month you get a certain amount of points to use. Each class costs a certain number of points. I tried the free trial right when I moved here but I wasn't convinced about the price. It all looked expensive to me compared to the lap of Planet Fitness Luxury-$10 a month. Once I compared the other prices though it was a no brainer! In February I did my first full month of belonging to Class pass. Over the past two months I've done 12 classes at 5 different studios. This is $9.16 a class! I like it because additionally I've been able to work on my home yoga practice and just started running again.

Today's Studio

If this sounds pretty darn neat to you can you try it for 40 dollars off your first month with my link:


-Can't get the gym experience every day

-Can only go to the same studio twice per month before they black you out or raise how many points each class is

-Some studios limit which classes Class Pass users can go to

-If you cancel less than 12 hours before or pull a no show you are charged 15-20


-No commitment, cancel, change plans, or drop to "Hold" at any time (which is 12 dollars a month and you get one class for that 12 dollars)

-If you are traveling you can enter that into your account online and go to classes where you are traveling!

-If you are feeling particularly inspired one month and run out of class points you can buy more points to use during that period

-Can cancel or change times up to 12 hours before class.

-Boutique Fitness for about 1/3 of the money!

After an impossible H.I.T.T. class this morning at Jade