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5 Ways to get AMAZING & Affordable Headshots

Okay guys- raise your hand if you have 1K lying around to get new headshots taken.


Now raise your hands if you REALLY need new headshots but have been putting it off for longer than you would like to admit.

OH HEY! Don't worry everyone. I was you until two weeks ago and now I'm here to shed a little light on the headshot situation.

Here are a couple ideas for you performers (or biznas QWEENS) out there who need quality headshots on a budget.

Look for Photogs on Instagram that are trying to build their portfolio.

Most of these people have already been doing photography for years, but just switched to being full time photographers. They are looking to build up their portfolio and they need you too! Tell them you are a professional musician who needs new head shots. They will be thrilled to add someone like you to their list of clients. Since they are newer to the field they will likely not be charging what someone who is ten years in will, yet they will be super high quality.

I would search on Instagram are: #_yourcityhere_______photographer #______yourcityPhotography

Usually Photographers (being the amazing creatives that they are) have immaculate websites and blogs so that you can really get a feeling of what their work looks like before you put money down on it.

(btw photog is their word, not mine ;))

Look for Photogs that Offer Specials

Many photographers are trying to grow their email lists or blog readership. I have been seeing some offers for reduced prices upon signing up for their email list or subscribing to the blog! What a great marketing strategy on their part that benefits you as well! Many also offer specials at the start and end of seasons to keep their schedules booked.

Ask your friends for their Photogs Info

Some photographers have referral deals—for both parties! SCORE! Go on and have a photo shoot with your singer BFF. Everybody wins!

Go to the 'BURBS

Yes, we millienals love the city. But guess what guys, people move to the burbs for a reason…everything is cheaper! When you get out of the city, the market price drops, and you are totally in for a better deal with potentially more lush backgrounds than the city.

Plan Ahead

Yes this seems obvious but I know you because I am you. You are thinking "I can wait till the end of summer to do those" Why wait?! Give ample time between when you NEED the headshots and when you schedule them in. That way you can get to know the photographers in your area and have time to shop around. I can guarantee if you wait till audition application season to do this, it will be much more stressful than it needs to be. Remember also to allow adequate time to plan for outfits and what you will do for hair and makeup.

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All of these headshots are by Britt Trappe. You can find her HERE. On Insta she's @theshutterbeeeffect. Go follow that lady!

Here is the the blog post "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" that she featured her headshots of me in. THANKS GIRL!