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How to wear $5,500 of Designer Clothes for $99

I tried Rent the Runway Unlimited for a month! I’m not a fashion blogger, BUT as a singer sometimes we have to look super nice for events. This usually means $$$ out the window for an event. When faced with the debacle of what to wear for my headshots (read last post here) I was sent into the panic of WHAT WILL I WEAR?!

For my last recital, I had used Rent The Runway and I was really happy with how it turned out! For those of you who don’t know, Rent The Runway is an online company in which you can rent special designer attire. They send you the gown through UPS in two sizes. When you are done with it you just put it back in the garment bag and drop in it a UPS box or store.

Since it worked so well for the recital I decided to try it out again for the headshots. When I logged onto rent the runway, I saw they have a new unlimited option. You get 4 outfits at a time and when you send it back they send you another 4 outfits for a month. You don’t have to worry about dry cleaning or anything. They send you all 4 at the same time pressed and clean! Here are some of the looks I tried out.

It was pretty amazing to wear a bunch of clothes that I could not actually afford to own. It was also fun to try different styles that I wouldn’t have always gone for if it meant that I had to buy them. I also loved that there were all kinds of styles, from daytime casual, work, night, and super formal as well! The first month was 99 dollars which I felt was a steal, since I would have spent that much buying a new dress for headshots anyway. After the first month promo it goes up to $159.


-I wore 5,637 dollars worth of clothes in one month for 99 dollars. WHAAAAT

-I think what is pretty cool about the unlimited program is that it does alleviate the problem of fast fashion. You can keep your clothes fresh without having to constantly buy new clothes and then figure out what to do with them after you’ve worn them three a couple times and they rip.

-I am obsessed with anything Kate Spade and they have a ton of it

-If you like the idea of clothing minimalism but can't bring yourself to do a capsule wardrobe this will probably be your jam

-People were constantly asking me where I had gotten my clothes from!

-If you fall in love with a certain piece you can buy it for usually about 10% off

-You can Pause/Cancel your subscription whenever you want


-About 8 days of the month the clothes are in transit

-Because they are designer clothes, they all kind of run in different sizes. 3 of the clothes that I got didn’t fit even though they were technically “my size”

-At the end of the time frame you still don’t have any more clothes than you started off with

-Right now they only have women's clothes

Final thoughts

If you have a month of weddings/performanes/headshots or you just want to look super glam this could be an amazing option for you! It could also be pretty amazing if you are losing weight or in need of classy maternity clothes. I definitely plan to try it out again during audition season!!!