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The One Thing that Helped me Breathe to Sing

For a long time it was really hard for me to understand how I was supposed to breathe for my singing. Every teacher tried to explain it in a different way to me, and each time I thought I had the hang of it. Then a few months would tick by and I became unsure again.

Sound Familiar?

I’ll never forget the first time I was in a voice lesson and my teacher handed me a straw. She told me to breathe in slowly through it while sitting down. Suddenly breathing just felt different. No more weird metaphors or analogies that didn’t really make sense. Finally, a low, calm breath, in which my ribs and everything else was expanded. I could actually feel by back expand for the first time too.

As I started really delving into my teaching I realized that this straw trick didn’t just work for me, it worked for all my students, too. Each time I get a new student, the first thing I ask them to do is show me what a “good breath” is. More often then not, they breath in as much as they can in two second and all the moves is their shoulders. Its not their fault! It’s how most people have learned to breath. But if you watch baby lying on its back breathe, its almost as if their whole body expands with each breath. This is what we need.

So friends, I created a How to Breathe to Sing Complete Guide for you. Click below to get the good stuff!