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Destination MEXICO: Pt 2-The Wedding!

AHHHH! The day was finally here for Krista and Justin's Wedding!! In the morning Amelia and I went to yoga together. It was my second day in a row of doing yoga there! I was pretty sore from the class the day before but was excited to get on the mat again. There’s really nothing like practicing yoga outside, under palm trees, in total paradise. It was just what I needed to get the day off to a good start. We could tell it was going to be a warm one already. Afterwards Omar and Apurve came to meet us for the breakfast buffet. We had breakfast together which was really nice. When I got to the pool that day, I promptly jumped in the water with a fanny pack on….that had my cell phone in it. We dried it off quickly but it just wasn’t enough, it had gotten way too wet. I kept my cool! (this I attribute to my mediation practice) Around 1 PM it was time to go get my hair done! I loved how she did it, it was up and back and had nice volume. I do think she used an entire can of hairspray on it. After that I did my makeup, then headed to Krista’s room. Everyone was full of excitement. We all got ready together there, which was so fun. Krista got us the cutest bridesmaids gifts, we all totally loved them. Inside the beautiful bags with our embroidered initials were matching robes, a fancy hanger with our names in cursive, and matching earrings to wear at the wedding. How sweet right?! I Absolutely can’t wait to see the pictures from that part of the day! I don’t have many because that when the photographer came and was photographing us from that part onward. We did a “first look” with Krista in her dress and it was such a sweet moment. I was already in tears of joy! It was time for her and the photographer to go and take first look photos with Justin! We all headed to the beach for the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony itself was beautiful. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I was so full of emotions. After all the bridesmaids and groomsman came down, Krista and her father came down the isle. Everyone stood and was crying at how beautiful she was!! Krista looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown, which I hadn’t seen yet until the wedding day! Justin, the groomsmen and bridesmaids all looked fabulous as well. Krista and Justin both wrote their vows that they said to each other each other during the ceremony. Both are very gifted writers. The vows really got me in the feels, and everyone else too for that matter! Overall it was a beautiful celebration of love. Afterwards we had a cocktail hour on the beach which they took pictures and a mariachi band came out. They even played Despacito the Remix!! We totally ate it up. There was the most gorgeous sunset that night, and not one drop of rain. Earlier that afternoon Krista and Justin had to make the call on if they wanted to move everything indoors because of the possible rain. They decided to chance it, as the evening went on it became clear it wasn’t going to rain and it all worked out. One of the funnier parts of the evening was right before the reception, we had to figure out how to bustle Krista’s dress. Ashley and JJ were the experts, and it took the whole team of us, including the photographer, and everyone shining their iPhone flashlights, to find all the loops to get it bustled! Team work makes the dream work. We ate dinner and I delivered my maid of honor speech, which I think went over pretty well with everyone. Jake delivered his best man speech and it was totally hilarious. After dinner, we danced the night away. After the dancing was over we all hung out in the main lobby, and had a great time with everyone laughing until the early hours of the morning!

The next day was filled with amazing moments. Omar and I had planned to go snorkeling, but it turned out that the captian of the boat was off that day. Instead, we decided to try parasailing. The guys we who us on the boat were so nice, and they actually took us for a mini-snorkel sesh after we finished, which was so unexpected. When we got back, there was a huge grill out on the beach. They had seafood paella, whole fish, and bbq chicken. It was absolutely delicious. I need to learn how to make paella like that. I wish I would have taken a picture of how huge the pan was, probably the biggest pan I had ever seen in my life! We had a great lunch with Linda, Mike, and Mark. Then it was time to play volleyball. We had so many people in our group that wanted to play we actually had two teams of all our people at one point. We were so competitive!! It was so much fun and we played all afternoon. That night, we went to the sushi restaurant with Kaia, James, Tory, and Jeff--all new friends! The chef made them these HUGE family platters of sushi. The looked absolutely incredible. They made me a separate plate of a couple GF Sushi rolls and I also had a Pad Thai. We totally went all out that night, because we knew it was the last dinner! That night they had a casino night in the main lobby which everyone loved. Justin ended with a huge stack of paper, I couldn’t believe how much of the “money” he had won. Ha!! After the games were over they had an auction to buy stuff with the fake money people had one. We closed down the club that night, no one wanted to go to bed!

The next morning we headed to the breakfast buffet one last time. Omar and I were both so sad! We did not want to leave. We said goodbye to the people we saw at breakfast and headed to the water for one final time. The resort had free kayak rentals on the beach so we decided to take advantage of that. It was tough to get out because of the waves but once we figure out the trick we were paddling away! Then we saw Ashley and J.J. also were coming out so we ended up exploring the shoreline with them a bit. We hung out a the pool a little longer, and then headed back up we had to pack up. We checked out, said our goodbyes to everyone, and were on our way. It helped leaving knowing that I would see Krista and Justin in a couple days when I was back in Wisconsin. Our flight back was smooth and the flight attendant welcomed us back in to the country by singing “back to life, back to reality.” What a trip, filled with so many memories that I will never forget!!!

A huge congrats to the newlyweds. Thanks for welcoming us to be part of your beautiful wedding!! Miss you all already!