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I'm Starting a Youtube Channel!!!!

Hey Everyone!!

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make a Singing Tutorial Youtube Channel, and so, I’m finally doing it! Almost every single week one of my students asks me what Youtube vids I recommend for them to practice with. There are some really great resources out there. Even so, as I searched to give them my best recommendations, I realized there are definitely some voids in content coming from my background and perspective on teaching and singing. So here we go! A new adventure, I will still be blogging every week, and I’ve come to really enjoy my Monday postings. So please pardon this brief interruption!

I’ve recorded a couple videos so far, and I’m extremely excited about this! Putting this into motion has challenged me to be a better articulator and have an even greater understanding of my craft. I hope to continue improving on these too, obviously! Ultimately, I want to be able to share this knowledge with other people that wouldn’t normally have access.

My equipment isn’t pro, neither are my editing skills (LOL) but in honor of done is better than perfect, I’m publishing my first vid today. My first series is on breathing to sing. Please share with anybody who you know is a student of singing, and encourage them to share too!