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So What’s Your Backup Plan?


Can we seriously stop asking the artists of the world that question? Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone was called to be a politician, doctor, lawyer, or consultant? Who bring the beauty, culture, and lightness to this world? Our painters, sculptors, musicians, designers and writers, photographers etc.

Our American culture continues to play down these people's roles in our society. Is it hard to make it in this world as an artist? Yes. Why is that? Because we have stopped valuing what they bring to society. This is seen in a wide range of ways but of all they ways that bother me the most, it’s when people ask me what my backup plan is.

Because there isn’t one.

There is no play B because there is no Plan A. This is my life. The path continues to unfold. This is my life’s calling. I am answering what I was put on this earth to do. I will continue to live a life in the arts and materialize that in whatever way that is possible. Does this have to include making money?! OBVIOUSLY.

I will continue to sing. To teach. To write. To share. To understand. To spread joy. To create. To nourish my soul. To read. To perform.

To know that I am good enough and that my calling is real. Yours is, too, whatever it might be.

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