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Four things I learned from working out in California

I recently got back from a trip with Omar to California to see his family. Thanks to our class pass membership, we were able to try out some new studies while we were there. Little did I know how different these classes would be from the ones in DC!!!

People of all ages work out there…together…

We went to three cycle classes and a yoga class on our trip there. In almost all the classes I think there were ages 18-80! I am serious!!! Everyone co-exists, and it gives a whole different feel to the classes. Like, have you ever done yoga next to an 80 year old before, WHO HAS OBVIOUSLY BEEN PRACTICE YOGA FOR OVER 40 YEARS. It for sure gave me some perspective.

The workout instructors do not mess around.

Woah. By five minutes into those cycle classes, I was drenched in sweat. And it only got harder. Also…..they were basically hot cycle classes, because they literally did not turn on the fans until the very end of the class. The instructors know that the people in that class came to WERK, and they do not disappoint.

People there ACTUALLY LIKE working out

You know when you’re in a class and the workout instructor says “HOW’S EVERYONE FEELING OUT THERE!?” Well in DC, most of the classes I’ve been to it would be lucky if there was a little bit of a “WHOO!” after that question. Well at these classes, when the instructor asked how people were doing, people were cheering at the top of their lungs!! Every. Single. Time. I’m not kidding!! I could seriously not believe how happy these people were to be working out.

People there love their bodies and they OWN them.

When I walked into our first cycle class, I realized two things. Almost every lady in the class was in a sports bra and leggings. Before they had even started biking!!! Also, everyone was in black. I was in hot pink leggings and a floral sport bra. LOL I might as well have had a huge sign on my face that said I’M NOT FROM HERE. Then when I was sitting next to a woman who was probably in her 70s but fit as Hell took of her shirt in the middle of the ride. My heart was cheering. BTW she was shredded. #California.