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Should I take Voice Lessons?

I get the question "Should I take voice lessons?" all the time. Here are my thoughts on the wonderful world of private/online singing lessons. I think you SHOULD take lessons if you can answer YES to the following questions...

Can you dedicate at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week to practicing?

We're all busy. period. If you want to make a commitment to better your voice, you have to set aside time for it just like anything else. Singing takes time to understand and to realize what is going on within your body. Nothing irks me more than when students tell me the only time of the week that they sing is in their lessons because "they're just so busy." Your voice lesson is a time thats meant to be interactive with you and your teacher, You bring what you have been working on and ask questions. It is a conversation.

Do you want to improve your singing voice and confidence?

I LOVE all the free singing information online. I contribute to this content myself with free weekly videos on my youtube channel. There does come a point in time when you need another set of expert ears to focus on your voice alone. Whether this is over Skype or in person, taking one on one voice lessons take you to the next level. It's like hiring a personal trainer, you WILL get results.

Do you have the time to commit to consistently taking lessons?

Just as it is important to commit to practicing, being consistent with your lessons is too. I can't guarantee that you will see results if you take a one off lesson here and there. I CAN guarantee results over a committed period of time. Students will see results immediately, but its being able to recreate those improvements time and time again that makes the difference. Remember that we are building up and training positive muscle memory together. It take two to tango. If you are taking lessons consistantly, your teacher can help set you straight if a bad habit starts to pop up. And after taking private lessons for 15 years myself, I can tell you that THEY WILL. Unless you are already a professional singer weekly or biweekly lessons are extremely important.

If YES---> Let's do this! Singing is CHALLENGING but everyone has a voice and it can be extremely rewarding too. With hard work, dedication, and a good voice teacher by your side, you can start to learn the way that a healthy voice works and sings.

Sound amazing but you don't know where to find a voice teacher? I'm currently accepting students into my online Skype studio for fall. Shoot me and e-mail here.

I will get you started with a free 20 minute trail lesson and we'll go from there.

If no----> Don't stop singing! Keep working with online with the free materials I have created! There will be a better time in the future and you will be happy that you waited until you are ready.

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